UpYourStyle connects technological innovations with fashion business to create comprehensive solutions

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Artificial Intelligence for fashion retail

Automated engagement with a perfect match

UPYOURSTYLE is an AI that recognizes, analyzes, fetches and advises to create significant interconnections between users and stores.

Extending shopping experience

AI developed with fashion mindset that employs Deep Learning tech to precisely follow consumer’s style based on uploaded photos.

Filling shopping bag with complete outfit in one place is easier than ever before bringing on rising satisfaction and engagement.

How it works

Starts from what matters

Usually, search in the store starts from category selection or filters. With AI technologies you can immediately start from what matches better.

Being uploaded by one of *widgets photo is processed by neural network with a set of specific parameters. Algorithms fetch products from various categories that match the style beyond expectation. Then the results can be fine tuned with the smart filters.

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How it works

With hyper-personalized approach

Interconnection between recognized looks and user behavior data lets AI create the unique dynamic portraits for hyper-personalized instant tips and high fidelity anticipations along with trends forecasting.

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Growth comes from experience and data tech

Enhanced engagement, data processing and marketing automation. Explore the features of integrated AI.


Increased revenue

AI-powered recommendations based on the style recognition that offers deeper engagement to let user fill shopping bag with a complete look.

User base growth

Engaging newcomers with new experience lets them enjoy and share the new way of shopping.


Automate your marketing routine with smart tips, personalization, involvement, re-engagement, and usercentric ad campaigns.

Lower returns

The best matching let users free from dissapointment on delivery and make them happier in front of the mirror.

Data processing

Invaluable resource for your marketing strategy. Fine tailored parameters to analyze purchasas, user behavior and trends.


Flexible architecture allows to build exlusive services with seamless integration into your online store.

Seamless integration & scalability

Widgets and API provide flexible and fast data exchange with store engine. You can control the output and data collection for your analytics.

Familiar UX with new features

Modules or widgets are designed to fit like hand to glove into the store layout. Service integration does not require any noticeable change in the design and can be customized and extended.



Feel free to ask us any questions you have.


UPYOURSTYLE is SaaS with AI specially created to work with online fashion stores.

AI provides automated recommendation for users based on their style.

Find matching products. More than just similar or related. It allows user to buy the whole look almost instantly. So it increases revenue of the store.

Collect and process usefull data for marketing strategies and enhanced engagement.

Make predictive analysis.

Automate marketing routine.

And more on demand.

With the API we provide pre-designed widgets that can be seamlessly installed into the store and customized to match the authentic design.

Widgets are easy to understand due to the common interaction patterns and least astonishment principle. You can also promote the new features for additional engagement, use it in advertising and whenewher you like.

For better recognition we reccomend to use full hight look.

If your store has underwear, AI will find underwear, otherwise it will suggest something else (e.g hat).

& contacts


Vera Klemenova

Co-founder and marketing lead: fashion expertise along with finance background. Fashion Business course author in EU. Postgraduate degree in Fashion (Istituto Marangoni). University of Texas and Georgetown University Leadership Program graduate.

Alexander Ivanenko

Co-founder and technical expert: 15+ years of software engineering expertise with neuroscience and artificial intelligence specialization. Higher Education in Netherlands and Germany.

Samuel Alexander Jr.

US Partner with 40+ years of fashion industry experience:
9800 N Lamar Blvd Ste 218
Austin, TX 78753
sam13061 Skype
C2C Fashion and Technology LLC